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At the age of three I was introduced to the world of motorsports by attending my Uncle's race at Evergreen Speedway. I became hooked by the environment, the sounds of the motors, the smell of gasoline, everything about it made me realize that racing was what I wanted to do. At the age of eleven I entered my first go-kart race. Although it was fun, It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. At the time I wanted to give up and quit. However, my uncle  helped me push my way through to become the driver and person that I am today.

Being in a competitive sport, greatness is generally measured by winning. However, I find satisfaction not only in success on the rack, but also through giving back to my community and by being a role  model. Filling shopping carts with food for people in need and putting smiles on faces ... that is how I define success. I inspire young individuals to chase their dreams and illustrate that each person can make a difference in this world. Success is also measured by sponsor satisfaction while I garner business and also by the number of fans I bring to my Facebook page and to the racetrack. 

Through donations I will be able to attend more races outside my current region, thereby exposing my sponsors to potential buyers and at the same time expanding my brand. Donations will allow me to get on track coaching, new equipment for the car and race shop, tires, fuel and more which will improve the race team and will get me one step closer to achieving my goal of racing in the top levels of NASCAR.